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Here you'll find a list of everything that has appeared on the site since it started in 2012. Since the re-design, I've taken off a lot of older content, including the podcasts, etc., in order to save a bit on space. Also not included in this list are posts from the Serbian football blog, which you can view by clicking here
Footballers, role models, why?27/09/13Late Tackle Magazine
The Berlin-Dresden Rivalry09/09/13Backpage Football
The Prospect of a Serbian Jackie's Army31/08/13Pickles Magazine
Predrag Pašić and the Bubamara football school20/08/13IBWM
Radnički and ideology15/08/13IBWM/World Soccer
Part 2 - A photographic journey through footballing New Belgrade09/04/13THFT
Deconstructing the Plovdiv Pistolero02/04/13IBWM/World Soccer
Part 1 - A photographic journey through footballing New Belgrade31/03/13THFT
Ten Eastern European Number Tens28/03/13Backpage Football
Dejan Petković: From Marakana to Maracana15/03/13IBWM
Homage to the Leinster Senior League Player02/03/13THFT
The decline of the Soviet giants12/02/13IBWM/World Soccer
Les Rebelles du Foot: A Film Review08/11/12IBWM
The Impossible World Champions06/11/12THFT
Ten Insane Glovemen22/10/12Bantr
Kick it, son! Chapter One20/10/12THFT


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